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The most common reasons for shoulder pain are poor workstation posture, rotator cuff strains from sports or working out, and repetitive motion and overuseĀ at work. Learn More
Most hip and leg pain is chronic. It’s typically associated with severe gluteus muscle tightness, hamstring tightness, and hip flexor tightness. We have a method for getting you out of pain fast.Learn More
Tension headaches and migraine headaches can be debilitating. But there are simple ways to resolve them when you see the right practitioner. Experience “The No-More Headaches Protocol” now.Learn More
Looking for a Chiropractor in the San Mateo area? Lower back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain are our specialties? We resolve them quickly, and in most cases permanently.Learn More

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Dr. John Blenio is a chiropractor in San Mateo, California specializing in rotator cuff injuries.

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What Clients Say

Great job Dr. Blenio. Neck feels wonderful every single time. Dr. Blenio not only focuses on the joints, but also the soft tissues.
Nice and clean office, plenty of parking.
C.H., San Francisco, CA
Dr. John’s priority is to fix the problem rather than trying to prolong treatment (which I’ve experienced at other chiropractors before). He’s knowledgeable, effective, and flexible with scheduling. Definitely has helped alleviate an acute lower back problem. I suggest you try him.
Chris W., San Mateo, CA
Dr. John is a fantastic chiropractor! He’s helped me out on a regular basis with back pain and headaches. And, he did an amazing job getting me quickly back into my workout routine after an ankle injury. I highly recommend him!
Stacy N., Burlingame, CA
The last time I had been to a chiropractor was about 15 years ago. Several weeks ago my middle back was killing me and I really didn’t know where to go, until stumbling upon the yelp reviews for Dr. John Blenio. He was close to my work so I thought, why not?
R.D., Mountain View, CA
Highly recommend John Blenio for any physical therapy. It is easy to schedule an appointment with him. Also, he is very knowledgeable about physical therapy. It took him about six sessions to relieve the pain in my arms. I felt the result immediately after the 1st session.
Derrick N., Oakland, CA


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