Chiropractors who specialize in sports injury and sports medicine are the chiropractors best qualified to work on injuries of the knees, hips, hamstrings, rotator cuff, shoulders, ankles, feet, and more.

This is where High Amplitude Health comes in.

We are uniquely qualified and experienced working with athletes, whether they be amateur or elite.

On virtually a daily basis, we provide conservative non-surgical therapies for:

~ Runners
~ Triathletes
~ Soccer Players
~ Cricket Players
~ Badminton Players
~ Pickleball Players

~ Iron Man Triathletes
~ College and Professional Baseball Players
~ College and Professional Soccer Players
~ College and Professional Basketball Players
~ College and Professional Football Players

~ Myofascial Therapy
~ Active Release Therapy
~ Stretching (Relax & Contract)
~ Neuromuscular Reconditioning & PNF
~ Rock Blades/Graston
~ Rock Tape/Kinesio Tape
~ Spinal Mobilization (Adjusting)
~ Foam Roller/Massage Ball Training
~ Therapeutic Exercise Recommendations

If you are an active individual who pushes her or his body on a regular basis, and you suffer from acute or chronic sports-related aches and pains, muscle and tendon strains, or aching joints in your back, you will be in the right hands at High Amplitude Health!