Headaches are relatively easy to resolve, and most of them are muscle related. Even so-called “migraine” headaches.

It perplexes me that most medical doctors and neurologists don’t first look to the muscular system that completely covers the head. There are about 33 pairs of muscles in the head. Most medical doctors just want you to go straight to a medication to make your headaches go away, instead of addressing the most likely cause of the headaches; the muscles in your upper back, shoulders, neck, and primarily the head.

I have resolved headaches in patients who have had headaches for weeks, months, and even years. I have resolved the chronic headaches of people who have received no relief from medical doctors, neurologists, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and more.

Watch Part 1 of “How To Make Headaches Go Away” to find out my theories on headaches and how I make them go away.

Watch this video of Dr. John Blenio treating a patient using ” The Headache Protocol,” a very specific and effective method for resolving chronic headache issues. This particular patient has had¬†twice monthly migraine¬†headaches for over 15 years, and she is seeing great progress and headache reduction.

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