When you are working at your office computer, you can have your seat height adjusted properly, and you can have the height and tilt of your monitor in it’s perfect configuration. But the reality is, no matter how well the ergonomics are set up in your workspace, you are still going to be sitting for hours, and overusing the same muscles for hours.

Let’s talk about the muscles and areas of the body that are compromised.

Upper Back, Neck, and Shoulder Aches and Pains
No matter how good your ergonomics are, muscles are going to get tight and fatigued, because they are being overused. In the upper back, neck, and shoulders, the following muscles get overused, then get tight:

Trapezius Muscles
Rhomboid Muscles
Rotator Cuff Muscles
Levator Scapulae Muscles
Cervical Erector Muscles

These all get overworked, because we typically roll our shoulders forward, elongating the posterior musculature.


The problem is less about how your workstation is set up, and more about how your function within your workspace day in and day out. You can perfectly adjust your seat height, keyboard position and monitor height and you are still going to have back and neck pain. Why? Because it’s less about workstation ergonomics and more about muscle overuse.