Core Strengthening

You have a strong core, but do you know how and when to activate it?

Author: Dr. John Blenio
Chiropractor in San Mateo @ High Amplitude Health

Here are other titles to this blog post that I considered…
Do you know how to activate your core muscles?
It doesn’t matter if you have a strong core if you don’t use it.
Do you know when you are supposed to contract your core?
As a […]

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How do I contract my core?

A lot of people don’t know how to contract their core. These are the people with back pain I see in my chiropractic and sports injury practice most often.

But what is the core?

Think of your core as a tin can. Inside the tin can is where all of  your internal organs reside. The top, bottom, front, […]

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Best Lower Back and Core Workout Using the Back Extension Bench

By Dr. John Blenio

The Back Extension Bench at your local gym is one of the best devices you can use for a very thorough core workout. I haven’t seen anyone do the type of core workout I demonstrate in this video before. It’s a core workout I made up on my own while at the gym […]

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