September 2015

Visit the High Amplitude Health YouTube Channel

By |September 19th, 2015|

Watch exercise and rolling technique videos specifically created for High Amplitude Health patients.

~ High Amplitude Health is a chiropractic and sports injury center located in San Mateo, California. Doctor of Chiropractic, John Blenio shows you how to take care of your body using foam rollers, massage balls, and other tools.

Best Lower Back and Core Workout Using the Back Extension Bench

By |September 18th, 2015|

By Dr. John Blenio

The Back Extension Bench at your local gym is one of the best devices you can use for a very thorough core workout. I haven’t seen anyone do the type of core workout I demonstrate in this video before. It’s a core workout I made up on my own while at the gym […]

Sports Medicine Chiropractor in San Mateo | High Amplitude Health

By |September 17th, 2015|

If you have an injury with a muscle, tendon, or ligament, and your injury does not require surgery, then High Amplitude Health Chiropractic and Sports Injury in San Mateo, California is a great choice.

Dr. John Blenio is your treating doctor at High Amplitude Health. He is a former high school and collegiate football player, and […]

Aetna Chiropractor 94403

By |September 17th, 2015|

If you have Aetna insurance, High Amplitude Health is In-Network and located in San Mateo, California.

Dr. John Blenio is expertly equipped to address your lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, and more. He functions primarily as a Sports Medicine Chiropractor and has been certified in Active Release Therapy to treat muscle and tendon […]

Prepare Your Muscles for Injury Free Weight Lifting Workouts

By |September 17th, 2015|

Start Each New Exercise with a “Hyper Set.”

Injury prevention is essential when going to the gym to lift weights. That’s why warming up properly is incredibly important. If you don’t warm up properly, there’s a good chance you might strain or tear muscles.

But you’ve heard this before right? And you’re wondering, “Why is this guy telling […]

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Chiropractor 94403 | High Amplitude Health

By |September 17th, 2015|

A Sports Medicine Chiropractor is your best all around choice when choosing a chiropractor.

If you are an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance carrier, then High Amplitude Health is one of the better choices you can make in the San Mateo area. Just take a look at their Yelp Reviews and you will know your […]

January 2015

How chiropractic medicine helps the human body

By |January 29th, 2015|

So you’re afraid to go to a chiropractor? Learn why getting your back “cracked” actually works!

If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor before, you’ve likely experienced the chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment is when the doctor “cracks” the joints in your spine. Let me make something perfectly clear though. The use of the word “crack” or the phrase “cracks your back” […]

Hillsborough, CA Chiropractic | High Amplitude Health

By |January 29th, 2015|

You’ll have to exit Hillsborough for this
High Amplitude Health is safely nestled outside of Hillsborough, so you can comfortably bring your troubles to our facility without the neighbors whispering about the source of your sprained knee or sore neck. We specialize in fixing sports injuries and improving athletic performance; but use our attention to detail […]

Redwood City Chiropractic | High Amplitude Health

By |January 29th, 2015|

Chiropractic Best by Government Test
Ok, we don’t want to compete with Redwood City’s claim to fame for best climate, but we do want to mention that we offer the best in chiropractic care for the diverse needs of Redwood City-zens. Whether your aches and pains are work-related or sports-related, or shoot–maybe it was just because […]

December 2014

Heal Your Body & Improve Performance with an “Off-Season”

By |December 17th, 2014|

I’ve been a chiropractic and sports injury practitioner for 6 years. In that time I’ve found the following patterns and consistencies associated with pain and injury in people who train for extended periods, with little rest.
People who train and exercise the most are often wrought with chronic aches and pains of “unknown origin.”
People with chronic […]