Specialized Treatment for Athletic Injuries

Maximizing athletic performance and treating injuries associated with sports are what High Amplitude Health specializes in; from professional football and baseball players to your weekend warriors. Regardless of your age, ability level, or chosen activities, we can make improvements to your quality of life, educate you how to remain injury-free, and maximize your physical performance.

For example, baseball pitchers often experience rotator cuff and shoulder problems. Soccer players frequently have hip and leg issues, and your weekend warrior could do anything from pulling a muscle running the local 10K, to twisting an ankle at Tuesday night’s open basketball at the local gym. We’ve successfully treated all injury types from a wide variety of athletes from elite professionals to amateur athletes , and typically much faster and more effectively than our clients have previously experienced.

Treatment Methods

Being performance focused makes High Amplitude Health uniquely qualified to treat most injuries associated with playing an organized sport or participating in an athletic event. But it’s not just that we treat athletes.  More importantly, it’s the specific methods we use to restore athletic function and peak performance:

Analysis of the injury

Analysis of the Injury, and it’s association with disfunction in other parts of the body is imperative. Injuries often occur because of muscle strength and flexibility imbalances.

Looking at the Whole

Too many doctors only look at and treat the site that is injured. This is a disservice to you the patient. A doctor must also analyze other tissues above or below the injury in order to gain a complete picture how to effectively treat the injury and prevent future injuries. The ability to do this effectively is what sets us apart from others. If your current provider isn’t doing this now, then you are receiving incomplete and ineffective treatment that puts you at further risk of more serious injury.

Effective Treatment Plan

The application of Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Therapy, and Trigger Point Release to dysfunctional and imbalanced muscles and tendons eliminates pain and restores proper tissue function.

Education and Self Care

Helping you understand your body and what your strengths and weakness are is one of the most critical pieces of the puzzle. You are taught by us how to provide effective self care and identify disfunction long before it manifests to an injury. The type of self-care training and education we provide not only saves you money in the short and long term, it more importantly results in fewer injuries and maximizes your physical performance in all types of athletic endeavors, whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior who still plays to win!

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